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Company Profile : Yes Bank is one of the Second generation private sector bank, set up by Rana Kapoor and late Ashok Kapoor. The bank incorporated in 2003 and started its operation from Feb 2004.

Like every other bank, Yes bank also in business of Giving loan and Accepting Deposit but that is not the limited span of what Yes bank is doing. Yes bank is in variety of financial services including Financial Market services, Investment Banking, Transaction Banking, Asset Management, corporate and institutional banking as well as the Wholesale and Retail Banking.

Share Holding Pattern


Financials and Ratio :  

Loan Book34363.6437988.6446999.5755632.9675549.8298209.93
ROE 19.1620.8922.3922.7117.1618.41
ROA 1.231.321.311.481.471.53
Efficiency 24.5020.8722.7724.0925.9129.17
Dividend per Share 2.5468910
Tier 1 Capital 101010101211
CASA 1518.92223.128.1
Net NPA to Loan Book 000000

Future Prospects : There are many banks in India and many of them are listed also. So why Yes bank ? Personally I don’t like the company because of Corporate Governance but there are some key factors which I love. Good asset quality for any bank is very important and yes bank is keeping it. Management and brand name are important assets for any bank and yes bank is better place here. Fee based income is very important for bank and yes bank is doing that. Internet banking will play very important role in future and yes bank is among leader. Investment Banking services is key role for many banks and again yes bank is leader. If branch networking is important then yes bank is doing that. Capital adequacy, market risk, right mix of asset if this is important for banking business then Yes Bank is doing it.

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As cashless and electronic economy is our target, Yes Bank is the one choice for this.

Many analysts are calling it next HDFC Bank. My view is simple and I am going to end with it.

If you are saying that Yes Bank is NEXT HDFC Bank, then it means HDFC Bank is not performing well and going to die. Is it true ? Both of them are Good at their own place.

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