Why Do I Blog

Why Do I blog

Yes. I mean what is the factor which is forcing me to open WordPress app or website and type endlessly. What is that thing  which is continuously driving me to search companies, download Draft Red hearing Prospectus? Yes I agree that I made this post late but still I need to make one and make this sticky.

  1. To show off My knowledge about Capital Market. Yeah.
  2. My brain constantly need food. Blogging makes my thought clear.
  3. Blogging gives you your own place to talk. Just like to other people, I loved to talk.
  4. Networking. Yes. I found so many good friends all due to this blog. @shashaselflove is one example.
  5. Social media. All due to this I need to keep one Twitter account. Though Twitter is great medium but TROLLING on Twitter is very bad and I don’t like it. @androidashu is my account on twitter But many times @InsideFinanc is my home on twitter.
  6. Most Important. This blog is reason what is my Image in large public. Outside of this, Hardly anyone know me.
  7. Before I start Writing Blog, my English, Specially Grammar was worst. I think nowadays its good.
  8. Blogging will not force you to become a better writer, it’ll just happen as you do it. And becoming a better writer holds important benefits for the rest of your life—whether you are creating a book, a presentation, a résumé, or an anniversary card for your spouse.

  9. For blogging I constantly need to track news. learn many new things. Just like right now I am Tracking nearly 100 companies from Indian capital market. I am reading about new sectors. New Ratios, Directly talking with some celebrities via Twitter like Kenneth fisher
  10. The blog is making change in my whole life day by day, bit by bit
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