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Warren Buffett. Everyone knows the name. There are many reasons for that. From his philanthropy to his statements and many other things. 

In all of the aspects, it is impossible forget his letters. Warren Buffett, is a great writer. The way he talk and the Way he wrote all of them is great. We all know what is importance of all of them. 

Frankly speaking, The letter is Management Discussion and Analysis. It is there with any other companies Annual Report or Form 10-K. But The reason why They become important is Warren Buffett. He wrote many things in the letters. He introduced new terminology. Introduce new terms. That is why it’s always pleasant to read his letters to shareholders and partners. 

In 1965 He take control of Birkshire Hathaway. That time it was Small Textile company. Today it is very big company holding Stake in Coca-cola, Wall mart, Wells Fargo, P&G, Kraft Foods, IBM etc.

I know that there are many other Good Writer there who are writing about it. I am also trying my best. So I will try to write about the letters before 1965. 

Yes. Warren Buffett wrote letter to his business partners also. And some knowledgeable people mentioned them that’s how I come to know about them.

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