Millennials and Investment

Social Media is very big factor in our life. It is touching every aspect of our life. Facebook, Twitter, Google plus, Pinterest , Instagram, WhatsApp, Facebook messanger, Snapchat. They are now everywhere all around us. They are big factor in deciding Millennial and their social life. But what about investing?

If you are thinking why Ashutosh is talking about social media when the heading is about Investment? I am going to analyse Investing habits of Millennials and what is affecting it. Will also talk little bit about Facebook, Twitter, Google as stocks. And Yes. Final will be Snapchat.

Millennials : Who are they?

There are many views about whom to call Millennials. Demographers – One who is studying population and its groups on basis of different characteristics. – generally use early 1980’s as starting point. Where it ends, have different views. Some may say it will end on 1998, some will take it as 2004. For my this post, I am taking it till 2000.

First of all, I my self is millennial but not all my habits are similar with die hard millennial. Yes, I am active on social media but not addictive. Having 2 Facebook account, 4 Twitter account, one Instagram account, though having YouTube but not much using it. WhatsApp is just messenger for me. Don’t have any political view, except, I Hate Donald Trump. I am defiantly different then big part of milllennial when it come to investing. Yes, I also love to invest but not the way other Millennials. Read my Tweet storm and One Instagram post.

I believe that its my luck, all because of which I learn Investing from One of the best investor on earth.

Peter Lynch

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But what are habits of Other Millennial about investing.

Millennial : Investing, Finance, Money etc.

Before we proceed let’s see some tweets which are related with the topic.


I personally believe, Follow The earning is the best tip one can give in field of investing.

Before starting to talk about it, I want to clear that there are many different aspects for investing. Earning money is one which is widely followed. But that is not one. Emergence of impact investing is a proof but again I remembered word of Rajat Sharma. There is nothing wrong in investing for impact, but don’t switch. Also if you are calling your self impact investor as you are investing in start-up, then pls check the business model. One of the top 3 reason why startups fail is there is no need for the product. Sometimes Salaries are so high that it become roadblock in between success for many start-ups. Its your money. You have authority to choose where it supposed to be.

All of this may sound good. But is this happening? At least in India, NO

There is no such study in India. Manoj Nagpal, CEO, Outlook Asia Capital mentioned that “HDFC tried to contact such study with Accenture but nothing happened. So even though AUM of Mutual Funds is increasing but, its difficult to say that who is investing. Even we tried to contact RBI about recent issue of Sovereign Gold Bond and the age  of investor, they don’t give us. Mutual Fund Head always say that its great Idea but it is not going anywhere. ”

Though it is easy for exchanges and SEBI to conduct such study, no one is doing. In India, PAN Card and Aadhar Card having such data. Even E-KYC or C-KYC or FATCA may give raw material for such study which may help.

Here I want to mentioned Ron and his answer to one of my question.

One more thing which I found in India is either many Millennials are not aware why they need to invest, or when it needed to start. Most of their parents are doing investing for them and as many are scared from market, it is altogether different thing what Millennials need as per today’s inflation and what their portfolio looking like. Best example is Saina Nehwal. In 2016, she mentioned that she preferred FD over stocks. She also mentioned that she INVEST in LIC (Insurance is generally called LIC in India). Shocking. When one star is talking like that, its shocking as their maybe some people who are deciding their habits because of her. More important is she is Youth (Millennial ) Icon.

I invested in a car, two houses, two commercial sites. My CA and my father take the decision for my investments.
I have no investment in gold, land and stocks. I am employed with BPCL and I wish to continue. I will get pension from company. The company takes care of my health insurance too.

Part of Interview. It will not bother you when you yourself are high growth investment for your life. So let’s ignore it.

What Peter Lynch always mentioned is invest in what you know and looks like my generation take it very seriously. Though not in India, in US many Millennials invested in Snapchat IPO. In fact the IPO sail through all because of Millennials. Looks like they forget what Peter Lynch mentioned as whole.

Earning can make or break your investment.

Snapchat : Landmark Case for studying Investing Habits of Millennials

Before starting to talk about Snapchat and its IPO, pls go through The Investopedia article and Tweet from Aswath Damodaran.

Snapchat Potential Future

After Quoting this two sources, I think I don’t need to mention anything else. But

I am going to close it by saying that Millennials, at least in India are not aware. Either they are not investing even if having source of income. May be they are investing less or investing in wrong place due to wrong way of thinking. Either their parents or their role model are making it wrong or they don’t know they need one financial adviser.

Let’s prey that many Millennials understand it sooner and they will make it right.

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