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Social media is playing key role in many areas of life. Investing is one out of it. In fact social media is given chance to listen many celebrities and FOLLOW them for this fans. Yes I also have celebrities. I also like to follow Robert Downey Jr. But for me, Definition of celebrities is different. So for me, Even Samir Arora  from Helios Capital and Kenneth Fisher are also Celebrities.

Some of my readers maybe aware about him, not all. So I am supposed to introduce him.

Son of Famous Father, (Yes, writer of Common stocks and uncommon profit), writer of eleven Books, he himself is famous for his column in Forbes Magazine, in which his column holds record for longest continuously running column from 1984 to 2017. He also write in Financial Times, Money Observer, Interactive Investor. He is Founder and Chairman of Fisher Investments, Fee only Financial Advisor Firm having offices including Washington, California, London, Frankfort etc. As of 2016 he is called Largest Wealth Manager in United States. (From Wikipedia)

But I am not that follower who will read Wikipedia and start following someone. No. I love to read what he talks directly. That’s why I love to follow people on Twitter and I am happy that I am Following Him. Reason is his tweets.

You may ask me that there are many other investors also. Warren Buffett, Carl Icahn, George Soros. Many more. So what is special in his timeline. Many of this Famous people are not much active. Some of them are. But if you decided to follow them, its more or less reading what is happening in their life. Someone maybe interested in that, I am not. For me, knowledge is important.

So I am going to make it here. Some tweets from timeline of Ken Fisher.

His first tweet. As many of you know, First tweet is important.

Yes. Nothing wrong.

If I am not wrong, John Templeton makes money for his investors in Templeton Growth Fund in 1954. It was one of the first US Mutual Fund to embrace global investing. Yes. Diversification Helps.

In short, All hype and waves are meaningless in investing world.

Inflation targeting, In simple words. The fight is still going on. But I personally believe that Inflation targeting is far better then Targeting Exchange rate and Concentrating on growth.

Full of knowledge.

No comment is needed.

We are living in era where even Terrorist attacks can’t affect markets.

Be greedy when others are fearful….

SPOT ON. During Taper media what media was talk and what was reality…

Ignoring Drumbeats is best maybe.

Perfect hit sir.

My own experience was also same.

Trade Deficit is when The country or economy Import more than Export. Some may say that QUALITY is important. Yes. Import of Crude oil and Export of refined products. Import of Some life saving medicine, Metals etc which you can’t deny. In fact import of Some important Capital Goods may stimulate economy.

Many of my friends were asking me how to invest in Bitcoin. I told them that I am stone age investor.

Corporate earnings are past. Management guidance is expected future. If used wisely, you hardly need anything else. Best thing is its all their in Form 10- K.

Every word is correct.

Stocks only follow action and earnings. The sign that US markets are very much efficient. In India, we need to learn that.

Long term means over 30 years. He clarifies that in comments.

Which stock should I buy for my Valentine? SBI? HDFC? HDFC Bank? Tata motor? Maruti? Or should I go for Mutual Funds with Dollar Cost Averaging, SIP as we called it in India.?

How I forget it to embed this tweet in my another blog?

I just forget the count how many times Greece was in and out from EU.

Media was ignoring this effect. Shale oil is now Capping oil Price.

Effect of crowd and knowledge of crowd is real Boss.

Yes. We were continues skeptical.

There are many good tweets. Going to stop here but with his own tweet.

P. S. : kenneth Fisher himself read it.

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