Industry Profile : Indian Pharmaceutical sector is among fastest growing market and it is third largest market by volume and thirteen by value. It is expected that Indian pharma industry will grow with 15% CAGR in between 2015-20. The Indian pharmaceutical industry is expected to become $55 billion by value till 2020 emerging as sixth largest pharmaceutical market by absolute size. India is largest suppler of generic drug global exports with 20% by volume. 80% of Anti retro-viral drugs used against AIDS all over world are supplied by Indian companies.

India maintain its lead over china in pharmaceutical export with 11.44% year on year growth to $12.91 billion. drug approval to Indian pharma from US FDA is also increase by nearly double but with substantial inspections, which is biggest problem for many Indian companies now.

All due to support from govt of India, the sector is thriving and surviving against global competition. The farmaceutical sector is permitted to receive 100% FDI under automatic rout and so the sector attracts FDI inflows about $ 14.53 billion in between April 2000 and December 2016. many Global companies like Abbott, GSK are investing in India.  UN backed Medicine Patent pool signed six sub license with Aurobindo, Cipla Disano, Emcure, Hetero Labs and Laurus Labs for manufacturing anti AIDS medicine for 112 developing countries.

Company Profile  : Cipla, multinational pharma company, headquarters in Mumbai Maharashtra. The company incorporated in 1935. The company is largely Research oriented, having 20+ R&D Centre all over the world. The company is operating around 80+ countries with more than 1500 product’s which are manufactured in 35 manufacturing units. The company is manufacturing different products. Tablets, Capsule, Sealed eye drop, syringe barrel, API, Oral Liquid. Company manufacturing products for different segments. From urology, Retroviral, dermatology, oncology, cardiovascular, malaria, HIV AIDS. The company is one of the leading manufacturer of medicine of  malaria.

Shareholding Pattern :  The company is family owned. 19 promoter entities holding 37.48% out of which 4 are foreign. 245 Mutual funds and 38 financial institutions hold 9.79% stake. 6.05% is held with insurance companies out of which 5.74% is held with Life insurance corporation. Foreign investor hold 18.09. Institutional investor hold more than promoter. remaining is held with public, body corporate, clearing houses

Financials and Ratios. :  

Net Profit960.391123.961507.111388.341181.091398.03974.94
Book Vale82.2593.93110.36125.58138.01153.48159.11
Dividend Payout23.4014.2810.6511.5613.5911.4919.85
Dividend Per Share2.80222222
Debt to equity0.0700.
Asset turnover74.9477.5871.3672.5866.6975.1270.31

Future Prospects :  Even after having large product portfolio, the revenue of company is continue to decrease. its not shocking as whole pharma sector is going from pain and so the

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