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We are living in era of Internet and it is affecting every aspect of our life. With online Retailers like eBay and Amazon, From Facebook Twitter to Google. Don’t forget Netflix, Yahoo, Pinterest, Wikipedia, Microsoft, WhatsApp and so on. All of them are Big names in internet. Before the emergence of Internet, the names may look simple. Before 1995, what was the meaning for Google, Amazon? and what is the value of the word? Hardly any. But now, if you try to buy the domain name, what it cost you now? And what about World’s most successful Internet company?
That is the value of domain. They are just like coins. Any regular coin does not have big Value. But when it is connect with some unique, like companies, person or even or special features, the value increase. Let’s say about this website. what is the value? The value does not decided only because of the meaning. Like Google. Before the company, the word was not even exist. Same here may be my blog and whatever I am writing in it is making some increase in the value. But if I make it with my name. Is there any difference? And what about the .com, .in, .me etc does it make any difference? Well yes. Dotcom is related with commercial activity so there is more use and so does the value. And .me is all about personal use so less value. Just check. and which is more valued? May be .me the reason is Famous person and .me is personal.

So if that is true, how to invest in them. Unfortunately many of the times you need luck to be successful. May be what you are thinking is value, may come out as normal. May be that is already sold out. Or even nobody wants to buy in Futures. Sometimes. Opposite will also happen. Like who think that abc.XYZ is important for Google? Who predict that Facebook will buy And will come out to be one of the more Valued domain name. So why I added it here. The reason is there is different market available here. Liquidity is very similar with Real Estate. In fact domain names are real estate of Internet world. They are unique. But just like stocks, if the potential is there and if you choose right with luck, you will hit The jackpot.

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